Ameba Pico vanishes

Ameba Pico gone? Vanished?

As I tried to log into Pico today. My Google Chrome oop-sed! me. What?!

Oops! Google Chrome could not find

Are you serious? I’ve gotten many statuses about this via Facebook but few of my friends could log in.

After 2 years and 8 months, Pico finally closes. I’m glad yet unhappy. Why am I glad? Because I can stop wasting my time going on the internet because of this addiction. But I’m also unhappy because I’ve met so much people, friends on here! People, friends, haters from all around the world! I have also spent money to buy Ameba Gold but everything has consequences right?

I know, I know Pico had ALOT of glitches, hackers, cheats and errors but it was fun! Right? No? Okay…

Thank you ALL for making Ameba Pico Virtual World such a fun place to log in to.

I will miss ALL my Pico friends. I hope to see you either on Ameba Pigg or another game players have adapted to.


Making petitions are a slim chance of Ameba Pico coming back, but we should try. Sign up!

Help stop Ameba Pico from closing

– Mustachioed



One thought on “Ameba Pico vanishes

  1. M, thanks for posting this. If I don’t get to see you in Pico again it was a *complete* pleasure to meet you. Good luck with everything. (Add me on Pigg, if you have it and if you like.)

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