Moving to Ameba Pigg

Since Pico is closing down in about 4 weeks, I’ve decided to move to Pigg. My reaction is that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. Everything there is super adorable and there are more items that are super kawaii desu. See? I’m already turning Japanese!


  • Super adorable pigg players everywhere. (Very friendly)
  • You get all sorts of adorable items (New items per 1/2 weeks.)
  • Free-first-spin gachas.
  • Giftable items to send your friends.
  • Extra make up (eyebrows, contact lenses, lipstick, make up)
  • Pico’s Ameba Gold actions and clothing are token! (Most of them.)
  • Mini games such as Pigg cafe, Pigg garden, Pigg island and (NEW) Pigg world.
  • Fishing challenges.
  • Team Black Jack challenges.


  • Why are the gachas sooooooo expensive?! (250AG per spin)
  • It’s Japanese (so hard to understand without Google Chrome!)
  • If you’re lazy like me and don’t go out to the parks, it’s hard to earn gummies! 1 gummies per prop or ring!
  • No gummies from eating virtual food.
  • Limited colours for actual hair/eyes/makeup on your avatar.
  • Can only buy AG with Japanese money.

Overall, it is a very fun game to play. There aren’t many glitches you can do. And if there’s a hacker, Pigg police is very strict!

Feel free to add me, my Pigg ID is Mustachioed also sent me lots and lots of gifts hehe.

– Mustachioed



Have you seen a shifty Pico with black beady eyes and a pale face? It’s Magic!

Magic is going to share a special gift with everyone, haha.

I’d like to have one in my room but would it take but space? Also would I get banned?

I probably don’t think I’d get banned because Pico is ending.

I think everyone is living up to the quote YOLO which means You Only Live Once.

For me, once Pico ends I’ll move to Pigg (maybe). See you there.

– ericisbored.


It’s Mo-vember

Hello everyone!

It’s Mo-vember. A time for men to grow moustaches. Mo-vember will spark conversations and no doubt generate some laughs but it’s all in the name of raising vital awareness and funds for prostate cancer and male mental health.

Why are people so pasisonate about men’s health?

  • 1 in 9 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime.
  • 1 in 8 men will experience depression in their lifetime.

Donate here:

– Mustachioed

Ameba Pico vanishes

Ameba Pico gone? Vanished?

As I tried to log into Pico today. My Google Chrome oop-sed! me. What?!

Oops! Google Chrome could not find

Are you serious? I’ve gotten many statuses about this via Facebook but few of my friends could log in.

After 2 years and 8 months, Pico finally closes. I’m glad yet unhappy. Why am I glad? Because I can stop wasting my time going on the internet because of this addiction. But I’m also unhappy because I’ve met so much people, friends on here! People, friends, haters from all around the world! I have also spent money to buy Ameba Gold but everything has consequences right?

I know, I know Pico had ALOT of glitches, hackers, cheats and errors but it was fun! Right? No? Okay…

Thank you ALL for making Ameba Pico Virtual World such a fun place to log in to.

I will miss ALL my Pico friends. I hope to see you either on Ameba Pigg or another game players have adapted to.


Making petitions are a slim chance of Ameba Pico coming back, but we should try. Sign up!

Help stop Ameba Pico from closing

– Mustachioed



Cherrybelle, an Indonesian girl group comes to Ameba Pico. Love it or hate it? Well, for me… I both like and dislike Cherrybelle for numerous reasons. The gacha seemed alright but was a bit pricey for 75 AG per spin.


  • Pico allows boys to spin gacha and buy closet items.
  • Never really seen a band collaboration on Pico apart from Alice Nine.
  • Youtube MV played inside the Cherrybelle Park.


  • Cherrybelle are plagiarizers who have copied SNSD (worldwide famous Korean girl group)
  • Youtube MV played inside the Cherrybelle Park does not have a play or pause button.
  • Rather prefer a different group then Cherrybelle.
  • Cherrybelle Dilema action seems useless.

– ericisbored.


My Halloween Opinion

Trick or treat!

On October 31st, every year, a special celebration comes! It’s called Halloween. But this year in Ameba Pico, it wasn’t much of a surprise.

Halloween boxes: I disliked the fact that they added it again. But this time there were no silhouette to show what item was in which box.

Halloween Gummies Gacha:

I was disappointed really. I didn’t really think the Pico staff bothered to change the price of the gacha. Last year the price was 100 gummies per spin, now it’s 300 per spin! And it’s EXACTLY the same items as last year. I spun it a few times in order to get the “Super Rare” handhold teddy bear, instead I got plenty of blocks, balloons and food items.

Ameba Gold Campaign: Oh, don’t even get me started on the Ameba Gold campaign! 1,500 Ameba Gold for a Halloween Ghost Long T-shirt /pr. It looks like a dress! I mean, it IS a dress. It looks really plain and it’s not really worth 1,500 Ameba Gold.

Halloween Casino Challenge: In my opinion I think the Casino Challenge is okay. I don’t love it, or hate it. But Ameba Pigg had this challenge ages ago when it wasn’t Halloween. Was Pico staff getting lazy?

Halloween Photo Contest: Every year we have this contest. I do like the fact that people can win 1,000 Ameba Gold but when it comes to a liking contest, it’s outrageous. Everyone comments on entries saying “Like this or I’ll unlike.” Or maybe, people actually MAKE Facebook accounts to like their own entry for a higher chance on winning.

New halloween items: The wigs were all great ideas apart from the colours, the mummy items were adorable and caught everyone’s attention to buy it. The periot/circus items were terrible and ugly. I’ve noticed the periot and mummy items are under 200AG which is a good thing.

– Mustachioed

Halloween links: